About us

Message from President

Teramatsu Shoten Co., Ltd. was founded as a dealer of rice straw products and related materials in 1933. Since then we have changed to deal in recycled recovered paper mainly due to the changing of the times. We have trained workers, have updated our factory equipment and have expanded our office network. Presently, we have offices in the Kyushu and Yamaguchi prefectures and Okinawa prefecture. Environmental degradation is now becoming a major concern around the world.

As members of human society, we assume responsibility for these problems, and must make efforts through our business activities.

Teramatsu Shoten Co., Ltd.

Tetsuo Teramatsu

Company outline

Name Teramatsu Shoten Co., Ltd.
Location 371-2 Tsubukuimamachi, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka
Establishment July 1959 (In operation since 1933)
Capital 12 million yen
Tetsuo Teramatsu
Managing Director
Kazuhisa Teramatsu
Yuji Teramatsu
Oprerating officer
Kazuo Matsumura
Hata Yoshihiro
Yamagata Shunzou
Miyoko Honda
Hiroe Yamashita
Employee 139
Business 1.Sales in paper materials
2.All of the above-mentioned businesses
Major Clients Oji Materia Co., Ltd. Saga and Oita factories
Oji Paper Co., Ltd. Nichinan factory
Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. Yatsushiro factory
Nippon Daishowa Paperboard Co., Ltd. Ootake factory
Daio Paper Corporation Kyushu Used Paper Center
Kotobuki Paper Industries Co., Ltd.
Yamahatu Co., Ltd.
Itochu Corporation
Our banks Shoko Chukin Bank Saga Branch
The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Kurume Branch
The Nishi-Nippon City Bank Kurume Branch
The Bank of Saga Tsubuku Branch
The Bank of Fukuoka Kurume Branch
Corporate group Kitakyu Sigen Co., Ltd
Paper Recycling Co., Ltd
Teramatsu Co., Ltd
Investing company Nishi Nippon Paper Recycle Co., Ltd
Shimonoseki-shi Paper Recycle Co., Ltd
RDV Systems Co., Ltd
Organization membership Paper Recycling Promotion Center
Japan Recovered Paper Association
Kyushu Recovered Paper Association
Chugoku Recovered Paper Association
RDV System Association
Major export locations America,China,Taiwan,Thailand,Vietnam,Korea,Indoneshia etc..


1933 Company was established as a dealer of rice straw products in Kurume city.
1935 Company started to supply rice straw products with Saihi Paperboard
1959 Company established as Teramatsu Shoten Co., Ltd. in Kurume city.
1967 We started to import recycled waste paper from Okinawa Prefecture before the Okinawa Administration was returned to Japan.
1970 Kagoshima Branch was established.
1971 Miyazaki Branch was established.
1980 Oita branch was established.
1981 Fukuoka and Shimonoseki branches were established.
Started to export used paper to Korea
1985 We started to export used paper to Taiwan.
1989 We started to import used paper from the United States.
1992 Company Head Office was completed.
1997 Chikushino Branch was established.
1999 Paper-Recycling Co., Ltd. was established.
2001 Nishi Nippon Paper Recycling Co., Ltd. was established
2002 Shimonoseki-shi Paper Recycle Co., Ltd was established
2003 Tokuyama Branch was established
Hakataport Logistic Center was established
2007 Teramatsu Co., Ltd was established